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Horse Apples

By Nancy Fitz-Gerald Viens

Tail end of a ragtag summer, Horse apple time in Texas When heat lifts its heavy hand Briefly from my shoulder, and The sun sinks like a golden balloon Behind Longhorn Meadow. Green globes of luminescent Day-Glo Big as Texas grapefruit Lie in the Bermuda grass, Hefty enough for small boys To chunk at tree trunks or a passing car With a satisfying "thunk."

Lumpy, ludicrous fruit You broadcast the possibility Of autumn once again, The possibility of cool nights Under a down comforter, The possibility of a giant twist In the atmosphere, a hurricane To stir up dregs of my lethargic soul Worn down by one hundred degree heat-- The great, gigantic, final possibility Of rain.

Copyright 1997 by Nancy Fitz-Gerald Viens, All rights reserved